Rules // Regulations


Obey all instructions given by Modern Airsoft Arena Staff!

  • All 6mm Airsoft weapons will be limited to 350 feet per second with a .20g bb.
  • 8mm Airsoft weapons will be limited to 270 feet per second with a .34g bb.
  • HPA Airsoft weapons must have tournament locks.
  • Rubber, Foam, and other soft Dummy / Training Melee Weapons are allowed.
  • Tactical lights, flash lights, and lasers should not be so bright as to cause injury.
  • Physical Violence, Foul Language, and Player Misconduct of any kind will NOT be tolerated.  
  • NO real weapons, NO knives made out of metal are not permitted in the arena. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Magazines must be removed from all Airsoft Guns, chambers cleared, and safeties must be on in all areas excluding the play and chronograph areas.
  • Barrel socks, condoms, covers, etc. must be present on all Airsoft Guns, excluding side arms, when inside any area other than the play area.
  • Full seal, non mesh, ANSI rated eye protection and a hard lower mesh or mask must be worn in the play and chronograph areas at all times.

The usage of flame-based grenades:

The usage of  flame-based Grenades/ Pyrotechnics of any kind by customers are not permitted.  This includes, but is not limited  to;

  • Smoke Grenades of any kind
  • Blank firing noise Grenades
  • TAG rounds

Permitted grenades include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyclone Grenades
  • XL burst Grenades
  • Thunder B’s and V’s

Only Modern Airsoft Staff & Game Control may use these for Special Effects purposes.  Staff reserves the rights to send players home for the day or banning them from the field for disobeying this rule with no refund.



Keep your Mask & Eye Protection on at all times when in the playing area, including during a “Blind Man” call, &when a game is not in progress.

  • A “Blind Man” call is an emergency stop during a game.  Regardless of who calls it, once called, all players will cease fire, remain in place, continue to call out “Blind Man,” direct staff to the original location of the call, and await further instructions from staff.  This call is used only in cases of emergency (injury, broken eye protection, extreme disputes between players where staff is needed) and is not to be used by players for advantageous purposes (cleaning fogged eye protection, reloading magazines, finding better cover).
  • If you think someone is cheating or not  calling their hits, do not engage in aggressive verbal or physical contact in attempts to get them to stop.  Simply get a staff member to monitor the player and/or defuse the situation.  This goes for all player disputes should they arise.

CALL YOUR HITS! Multiple offenses will result in you getting sent home or banned from the field with no refund.

  • There are NO Minimum Engagement Distances (MEDs).
  • Do not blind fire; you must be able to see what you intend to shoot. Pre-firing around cover is allowed, but it is advised you acquire targets before shooting to avoid friendly fire and overshooting of players and staff.
  • In the event of Friendly Fire, the player responsible for the shooting a teammate must call themselves out regardless of if the shot player does.  The shot player is not out in this situation, but should not use use this rule as a a way to avoid calling hits.
  • All direct hits to all weapons and parts of your gear, including your primary weapon count (a hit to the side of an in-use primary weapon that otherwise would have missed the user does not count). A riot shield on your back counts as part of your gear.
  • Ricochets, if you are certain it was one, do not count.
  • Riot shields are permitted, but cannot be used simultaneously with a projectile based weapon or as a melee weapon
  • Riot shields do not project from grenades.
  • Grenades have a 10 ft kill radius from the point of detonation, but are stopped by hard cover such as building, barriers, and barrels. Grenades which do not audibly detonate or fail to detonate are considered duds regardless of design (makes a boom clear the room).

Melee Kills are performed by either a two hand touch, or a tap with a rubber, foam, or soft melee weapon.

  • Bladed knives are not permitted in the arena.
  • Do not melee kill in an inappropriate or harmful.
  • Do not move any barricades or cover in the arena.
  • Do not open or close doors in a violent manner.

Fully automatic play will be permitted only with a unanimous agreement between all players involved, at the referee’s discretion.